Sometimes it is a bit infuriating to know that your hand pipe or bongs are not performing as they should. But, there is nothing a new accessory or part cannot solve. And SMOKEGEM has all sorts of additional toys and thingies that will enhance your smoking experience taking it to the next level.

What will you find in our store?
Attachments: Small or big, we have every single attachment that you might be looking for. From adapters and converters to ash catchers, bowls and domes, nails, and bangers. You name it, and we have it.
Storage: We know that sometimes, you need to be discreet, why don’t you check out our accessories section. Not only moisture seal zippers, but you will find a lot of cool stuff to store your equipment, herbs, dry and not-so-dry goods.
Cleaners: Regular cleaning of the pipe or e-cigarette will not only enhance its looks but also sustains the taste and performance.
Rolling Trays: Nobody should be allowed to waste even a single speck of the magic herb. Use one of our rolling trays to contain it filling, grinding, and packing.
Torches: Well, if you dab for a long time, you will realize the importance of a great torch. Our torches and lighters are better than your friend’s. Yeah, check them out.

The best part is that all the accessories that you are looking at in our store are sourced from the manufacturers themselves. Rest assured that SMOKEGEM does not include sub-standard equipment on the website. We are as authentic as it gets.
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