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YOGA By Cosmo THC-JD Premium Vape Cartridge 1-Gram | 1000mg

YOGA By Cosmo THC-JD Premium Vape Cartridge 1-Gram | 1000mg

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  • Description
  • YOGA by Cosmo 1-Gram THC-JD Premium Vape Cartridges (1000MG)

    Cosmo's YOGA THC-JD vaping cartridge is deemed the most powerful yet! Packed with 95% hemp-derived THC-JD oil and 5% strain-specific terpenes, its blissful effects are celebrated among users. Enjoy a relaxed, yet invigorating, experience with THC-JD in the convenient 1ml size.

    THCjd (Δ9-THCjd) is a rare, powerful cannabinoid naturally found in cannabis. Studies indicate that this 8-link alkyl side-chain cannabinoid produces a 19-times stronger psychotropic effect than delta-9 (THC) and a 25-times stronger effect than delta-8.

    Product Features:
    • 1000mg total extract
    • 950mg THC-JD oil (95%+ THC-JD)
    • 50mg botanical or cannabis-derived terpenes
    • Pure terpenes
    • Very reasonable price compared to similar products in the market. WORTH TRYING

    Read the warning before consumption

    Directions : Remove the silicone cap, and screw it into a 510 battery ( be careful not to over-tighten) Take 1-2 puffs and wait 20 minutes before determining if you need more.

    Do Not operate Machinery May Cause Drowsiness


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    For Yoga Lab Test

    Click flavor for test result:

     Yoga THC-JD Cartridge Flavors & Strains:

    • Banana Kush - Sativa
    • Blue Dream - Hybrid
    • Fatso - Sativa
    • Grape OG - Indica
    • Magic  Melon - Hybrid
    • Musashi - Hybrid
    • Papaya Punch - Indica
    • Russian Cream - Sativa
    • Sherbert - Hybrid
    • Sour Diesel - Indica
    • Vanilla Frosting - Indica
    • White Runtz - Sativa

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Zackary Walton
Didnt feel much

I dont know if this was even thc-jd, that ir just a small amount mixed with delta 8 but i definately didnt feel very high. It was disappointing to do a search for something that could actually be pure thc-jd even if its expensive due to being hard to produce and only see it sold in blends. How can you even know its effects if theres never a pure version

Daniel Jones

YOGA By Cosmo THC-JD Premium Vape Cartridge 1-Gram | 1000mg

Sur Grosvenor
It tastes good

Replaces a cigarette but not real Cannabis

Monty Woods
Thc-JD cartridge

Very smooth! No cough! Nice buzz. Winner😀