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Viva Zen Kratom Shot

Viva Zen Kratom Shot

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  • Viva Zen Kratom Shots

    Enhance your state of well-being with the Viva Zen Kratom Shots. Our all-natural kratom extract shots are made from the finest kratom leaves, carefully sourced from the rainforests of Southeast Asia. Now you get to experience a moment of clarity and pure zen. Viva Zen is highly concentrated, with each serving containing a potent dose of pure kratom extract of the highest quality. It's fast-acting, with effects starting within just 15 minutes of consumption.

    Viva Zen Kratom Shots always provide swift relief to the ailments bothering you most. No more popping endless pills to improve your condition. Mitragyna Speciosa is a special plant with miraculous powers. The locals who grow the crop are very familiar with the process and as a result, they produce the world's best kratom for vendors everywhere. Viva Zen has built lasting relationships with the locals and aspires to make the entire globe a little more Zen.

    Try Viva Zen today and experience the natural energy and focus that only the finest kratom extract can provide. Each bottle contains 2 fluid ounces of extract, which is more than enough to power you through the day. It's easy to take on the go as it can fit right in your pocket!

    Some of the benefits of Viva Zen Kratom Shots:

    • Powerful and fast-acting Kratom extract that delivers results
    • Uses crushed kratom powder from the leaves of Mitragyna Speciosa
    • Keeps you up and active throughout the day without a crash
    • Helps you sustain natural energy levels unlike sports and energy drinks

    Experience the feel-good relief you need with Viva Zen Kratom Shots. Order yours today in single shots or bulk to receive larger discounts!

    VivaZen Kratom 1oz (56mL)

    Contains 2 servings. If you are new to VIVAZEN™ then we suggest mixing 1/2 the bottle of VIVAZEN™ Original with your favorite juice and sipping over 10-15 minutes.

    VIVAZEN’s proprietary blend of natural ingredients:

    • Mitragyna Speciosa Leaf Extract
    • Willow Bark Extract
    • Valerian Root Extract
    • California Poppy Aerial Part Extract
    • Boswellia Serrata Resin Extract
    • Corydalis Yanhusou Rhisome Extract
    • Passion Flower Aerial Part Extract

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