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UPLIFT HHC Flower I 7 Gram

UPLIFT HHC Flower I 7 Gram

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  • UPLIFT HHC Flower - 7 Gram

    Our HHC Flower starts as a freshly grown CBG flower from Oregon that has been infused with HHC oil and botanical terpenes.

    HHC is a newer cannabinoid that is gaining popularity quickly. HHC effects are similar to THC; however, it is milder than delta-8 and more potent than CBD. HHC calms the whole body and mind while giving you the feeling of euphoria. Just like delta-8 THC, HHC is produced from hemp-derived CBD. However, HHC does not contain THC. Therefore, it has a legal advantage over delta-8, delta-9, and delta-10.

    Based on new regulations you must be 21 years of age or older to purchase and receive this product.

    Available Flavors & Strains:

    • Green Crack - Sativa
    • Orange Cookies - Hybrid
    • Purple Punch - Indica


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      Shelley D

      Def good product, would recommend