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Torch THC-A Flower | 7g

Torch THC-A Flower | 7g

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  • Description
  • Torch THC-A Flower | 7g

    Torch THC-A flower contains 7 grams of premium indoor potent flower per jar. THC-A has become all the hype due to the fact that it converts to delta-9 THC when heated over 200 degrees. This gives users the ability to get the same effects from THC-A hemp as they do from cannabis. Torch currently offers 6 delicious strain specific flavor profiles for the THC-A hemp flower. Each jar contains 7 grams of THC-A  hemp flower. We suggest using this hemp flower in either pre-rolls, blunts, or any type of smoking glass. This product is 2018 farm bill compliant containing less than .3% Delta-9 THC.

    Torch THC-A Flower Strains

    • Berry Cream Puff
    • Bubblegum Runtz
    • Cake Mintz
    • Godfather OG
    • Gummy Bears
    • Jealousy

    Additional Product Information

    • 7 Grams Of THC-A Infused Hemp Flower
    • Strain Specific
    • 2018 Farm Bill Compliant
    • Super Potent and High Quality Flower
    Berry Cream Puff, Bubblegum Runtz, Cake Mintz, Godfather OG, Gummy Bears, Jealousy

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Berry cream puff or gummy bears

I want to know wich strain is longer and potent high

Larry Parks
Bubble gum

Smooth relaxing smoke. Nothing really special or unique, just a nice solid buzz. If you’re looking for a buzz while doing chores or chilling, this works without getting blasted. Take care.

Mark Manning

Torch THC-A Flower | 7g

Bruce Lollar
THCA is awesome

Love it

Exactly What I Needed!

Great packaging, keeping out those mean UV rays! Godfather OG is my preference and this was exactly what I was expecting. Super fast shipping and discreet labeling, thank you SmokeGems!!