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Torch Diamond Drop Blend Gummies | 5000mg

Torch Diamond Drop Blend Gummies | 5000mg

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    Experience the magic of Torch Diamond Drop Blend Gummies - a vegan-friendly powerhouse packed with 5000mg of beneficial compounds in each jar. Unlock the perfect blend of wellness and indulgence with these irresistible gummies, guaranteed to provide a daily dose of relaxation.

    Indulge in pure delight with these 100% vegan gummies, thoughtfully created for both your well-being and the environment. Crafted with all-natural, plant-derived ingredients, each morsel offers 250mg of pure satisfaction. It's a mini escape in the comfort of your own home. Ideal for unwinding amidst a hectic day.

    Indulge in 20 delectable gummies per jar, perfect for sharing with loved ones or savoring solo. These gummies are an extravaganza waiting to happen, boasting a total of 5000mg for complete tranquility. It's like holding the universe in your hand. Bid farewell to stress and embrace the ultimate calmness.

    Experience the ultimate relaxation with Torch Diamond Drop Blend Gummies. These specially-crafted gummies are infused with a potent blend of D9 and THCA, giving you the perfect combination for a warm, soothing hug for your mind and body. Grab your jar today and let the stress melt away with each delicious gummy. Your taste buds and well-being will thank you for this one-of-a-kind experience. Buy Torch Diamond Drop Blend Gummies 5000mg at the cheapest price from Smokegem Online Shop.

    Torch Diamond Drop Blend Gummy Flavors

    Indulge in a variety of mouthwatering flavors:

    • Blue Razz – A tangy explosion of blueberry goodness.
    • Juicy Mango – Sweet, succulent mango dreams in every bite.
    • Kiwi Watermelon – A tropical paradise in your mouth.
    • Peach Passion – The perfect blend of peachy sweetness.
    • Sour Apple – A zesty twist that’ll tingle your taste buds.
    • White Grape – Elegant and sophisticated, just like you.

    Additional Product Information

    • 250mg Per Gummy
    • 20 Pieces Per Jar
    • 5000mg Total Per Jar
    • Blend of D9 + THCA
    • Vegan Gummies
    • 2018 Farm Bill Compliant
    • Recommended Use: Take up to 1 gummy daily

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Justin M Krall
high tolerance welcome, more an "upper" IMO

Pros: Good identifiable euphoric feeling, not too much of that "anxious feeling"
Remember everyone reacts to indulgence individually.
Good MG for bang for buck.
I found the taste tolerable but not great (mango)

Cons: Little bit of dry mouth
-Too sugary, I'm an odd one who would rather taste the natural cannabis flavor than artificially sweet tastes.

If you have a super huge tolerance like me, 1 gummy might work! Do remember to take breaks to reset that tolerance a bit, or you'll drive it through the roof with these.