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Tik Tonics Kava + Kratom Shot | 2oz

Tik Tonics Kava + Kratom Shot | 2oz

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  • Buy Tik Tonics Kava + Kratom Shot 2oz

    Experience the ultimate combination of nature's relaxation powerhouses with Tik Tonics Kava + Kratom Shot! This 2oz shot delivers a powerful punch, boasting 600mg of Kava and 100mg of Kratom to help you unwind and revitalize.

    Discover the power of Kava, a plant root native to the South Pacific that has been used for centuries to promote relaxation and reduce stress. Unwind and find tranquility in your busy life with Tik Tonics' Kava + Kratom Shot, made from all-natural ingredients. Experience the calming effects and rejuvenating benefits today!

    Unleash the natural power of Kratom, extracted from the leaves of the Mitragyna speciosa tree, known for its ability to boost energy and elevate mood. Experience a gentle yet invigorating boost of energy and increased focus, making it easier to conquer your day. With Tik Tonics Kava + Kratom Shot, a blend of these two botanicals, achieve a perfect balance of relaxation and revitalization. This holistic solution is ideal for those seeking harmony in mind, body, and spirit.

    Unlock the full potential of nature's healing power with Tik Tonics Kava + Kratom Shot | 2oz. Simply shake and savor the refreshing taste of this premium blend. Consume chilled for best results and experience the perfect balance of relaxation and revitalization. Embrace the ultimate wellness journey today!

    What Effects Does A Kava + Kratom Blend Have?

    Experience the perfect combination of Kava and Kratom! Our 2oz Tik Tonics Kava+Kratom Shot offers the best of both worlds by providing the mood-boosting and sociable effects of Kava without the negative side effects of alcohol. Meanwhile, Kratom provides a slight stimulation, improved cognitive function, and enhanced focus when taken in smaller doses. Indulge in this powerful and well-rounded shot to enhance your overall well-being.

    Immerse yourself in the perfect harmony of two incredible botanicals - Kratom and Kava. Indulge in the health benefits of Kratom, while experiencing the soothing and calming effects of Kava. Together, they create a powerful synergy that brings unparalleled tranquility. Buy TikTonics Kava + Kratom Extract Shot 2oz with best price at Smokegem online shop and fast shipping in USA.

    Experience the unique benefits of Tik Tonics Kava + Kratom Shot!

    They, like their liquid kratom extract line, have done the research, put in the effort, and used their technical expertise to employ advanced extraction procedures and techniques to develop an awe-inspiring Kratom + Kava botanical tonic for the masses! TikTonics has sourced the highest quality locally harvested and completely ripe kratom and Kava leaves to make a full spectrum extract.

    The extracts are subsequently processed using cutting-edge nano-emulsion equipment. This procedure reduces the substances to even smaller particles, improving bioavailability and absorption in the user's body. This leads to a quicker onset of effects. This Kava + Kratom extract shot is the only rapid-release choice on the market, so it really stands out.

    Tik Tonics Kava Kratom Shot Flavors

    • Berry Bliss
    • Pineapple Paradise

    Additional Product Information

    • 2oz Shot
    • 700mg Total Per Shot
    • 100mg Kratom
    • 700mg Kava
    • Blend of Kava + Kratom
    • On-the-Go Convenience
    • Powerful Ingredients
    • Balanced Blend

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