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OPMS Gold Kratom Extract Capsules

OPMS Gold Kratom Extract Capsules

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    Discover the amazing power of OPMS Gold Kratom Extract Capsules, a unique brand and form of kratom capsules. Extracted from the leaves of the Mitragyna speciosa tree, native to Southeast Asia, this botanical substance has a long history of providing stimulating and pain-relieving benefits. Experience the incredible effects for yourself!

    OPMS Gold Kratom Extract Capsules are highly effective in relieving chronic pain and anxiety, while also improving vitality and mood. This pure and natural Mitragyna Speciosa leaf extract is free from GMOs and additives, providing a powerful and safe solution. The convenient capsule form allows for easy portability and consumption at any time. Try OPMS Gold today and experience its incredible benefits!

    OPMS Gold Kratom Extract Capsules are crafted with the same value and care as pure gold! With a revolutionary cold-water extraction procedure, OPMS has created a high-quality product that preserves the full alkaloid concentration of their Kratom extracts in every batch. The result is a flavorful and potent Kratom experience, surpassing traditional capsules. As the flagship product of OPMS Kratom, we are confident that you will appreciate the powerful effects. Get your hands on OPMS Gold Kratom Extract Capsules at the cheapest price on Smokegm online shop, with rapid shipping available in the USA.

    Key Features

    • 100% organically grown and harvested at its peak maturity for the best experience
    • OPMS uses a unique cold-water extraction process that enhances alkaloid content
    • Comes in a convenient blister pack that you can take on the road to consume
    • OPMS Gold Capsule is superior to OPMS Silver Kratom in effects

    Ingredients: Mitragyna Speciosa (Kratom) Leaf extract 50:1- 200mg per capsule
    All natural product in its all natural form
    (Mitragynine Content- 42%)- 84mg per capsule
    (7-OH-Mitragynine content- <0.1%)- <0.2mg per capsule

    Other Ingredients: Vegetable Starch, Gelatin Capsules
    Capsules are used as carriers or containers for the Mitragyna Speciosa, and to help facilitate the handling of extract powder.

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