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MIT 45 Super K Extra Strong Kratom Extract Shot I 1200MG

MIT 45 Super K Extra Strong Kratom Extract Shot I 1200MG

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  • MIT 45 Super K Extra Strong Liquid Kratom Extract Shot - 1200MG

    Unlock the power of MIT 45 Super K Extra Strong Shot, the pinnacle of kratom experiences conveniently packaged in a mess-free, ready-to-use format. Designed for seasoned kratom enthusiasts, this remarkable purple shot delivers intense potency, ensuring fast-acting and long-lasting effects.

    With an average of 6 uses per bottle, MIT 45 Super K Extra Strong Shot is both a cost-effective and space-saving solution for kratom users. Unlike traditional raw leaf powders and strain-specific capsules, this shot is made with kratom extract. Through their extraction process, they concentrate the mitragynine content, one of the primary active ingredients in the mitragyna speciosa plant. The result? A reliable and highly consistent kratom extract that guarantees a superior experience with each batch.

    Preferred by those who prefer nighttime consumption or seek to avoid the more energizing effects associated with higher mitragynine concentrations, MIT 45 Super K Extra Strong Shot is the pinnacle of kratom potency. It offers the highest kratom content among all MIT45 products, making it an excellent option for individuals who desire a stronger impact or seek the best value by using smaller serving sizes.

    Exercise caution and responsible usage when exploring the immense power of Super K Extra Strong Shot. To ensure a seamless integration into your routine, it is advisable to initially try this potent extract during evening or nighttime periods when you can gauge its impact on your energy levels.



    • Potent, consistent & convenient
    • 1200mg of 20% Mitragynine extract
    • Broad-spectrum of alkaloids
    • Up to 6 servings per bottle
    • The most potent of MIT45 kratom shot products
    • Kosher, Keto-friendly, non-GMO, gluten-free
    • AKA & GMP certified
    • Full spectrum extraction for potency
    • Gold seal of approval- beats industry standards
    • High potency and safety
    • Farm to bottle sourcing
    • Third-party lab tested

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    DJ Wanner
    MIT 45 Super K

    Perfect when I can’t make a real drink!