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Mellow Fellow Van Gogh's Creativity Blend (Golden Goat) - D8, CBD, CBG, D10 - 2ml Disposable Vape - Vol. 2

Mellow Fellow Van Gogh's Creativity Blend (Golden Goat) - D8, CBD, CBG, D10 - 2ml Disposable Vape - Vol. 2

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  • Buy Mellow Fellow Van Gogh's Creativity Blend (Golden Goat) -D8, CBD, CBG, D10 - 2ml Disposable Vape - Vol. 2

    Indulge in the vibrant, luscious, island-inspired Golden Goat - a sativa-dominant hybrid of Island Sweet Skunk and Hawaiian Romulan. Experience the invigorating effects of Energy, Euphoria, Relaxation, and Focus with this carefully crafted blend. Allow Mellow Fellow's Golden Goat to elevate your creativity and seamlessly fit into your daily routine.

    Forget about writer's block, painting a blank canvas, or whatever else has been holding you back from your creative side. With Van Gogh's Creativity Blend, you can tap into your imagination and let the ideas flow. This crafty mix of rare cannabinoid contains  D8, CBD, CBG, and D10. A unique combination that ignites a creative spark that can only be found within you.

    Device Specifications:

    • 0.5 Subohm Ceramic Coil
    • Rechargeable Battery with USB-C Charging Port
    • 25 Watt Auto-Draw / 35 Watt with Button
    • Adjustable Airflow Control

    Size: 2ML = 2,000mg = 2 Full Grams of Oil (Double the size of a regular vape)

    Mellow Fellow Van Gogh's Creative Blend Golden Goat Mellow Fellow PhD chemists and pharmacists created this carefully prepared formula with perfect ratios of rare cannabinoids and terpenes to calm your nerves and help you release your inhibitions. 

    This convenient 2mL disposable is pre-filled and ready to use, with a pre-heating button that ensures smooth hits every time, as well as no clogging. And thanks to the adjustable airflow control, you can customize your experience to suit your style. Whether you're looking for big clouds or intense flavor, this device has you covered.

    WARNING: This product is not intended for ingestion - DO NOT EAT. Keep out of reach of children. Must be 21 years or older to purchase. This product has not been evaluated by the FDA or any other regulatory body for safety or efficacy. Vaporizing is hazardous to your health. Do not use this product if you are pregnant, nursing, or planning to become pregnant. Use of this product can result in failing a drug test for Marijuana. Do not operate machinery or drive a vehicle while using this product. A Hemp Product, contains less than 0.3% D9-THC & THCA combined. If you experience a serious adverse health event or side effects, contact the poison control centers at 1-800-222-1222.This product can expose you to chemicals which are known to the state of California to cause cancer and birth defects. For more information visit: Inhale to activate, or hold button to preheat. Slide switch for airflow control.

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            I love this vape

            This vape has a smooth hit and the taste is decent too. I fell in love with this vape. It gets me in the right head space to go about my day. My anxiety has been down and I've been able to focus and get some stuff done that I've been putting off. Love love love it