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MEDUSA Delta 8 THC 2GM Cartridge

MEDUSA Delta 8 THC 2GM Cartridge

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  • Description
  • Buy Medusa Delta 8 THC Vape Cartridge 2gm

    Product Features:

    • 2000mg Delta-8 THC
    • Premium Terpenes
    • Third Party Lab Tested
    • Made in the USA

    Currently, our Delta 8 device collection includes disposable vaporizers and cartridges. You can choose from different strains when shopping for our devices. The options include Kush Mints, Confetti Cake, Blue Dream, and Pink Runts. Here’s what you can expect from each strain:

    • Kush Mints: This Indica-dominant strain is quickly growing in popularity. Kush Mints has a unique piney, citrusy, and minty flavor. Some people have described its flavor as being reminiscent of ice cream. 
    • Blue Dream: This Sativa-dominant strain is known for its powerful effects. Blue Dream has an earthy flavor with notes of berries and citrus fruits.
    • Pink Runts: This hybrid strain is a spin-off of the original Runtz. It has a sweet, fruity candy flavor with notable hints of peaches, cherries, and strawberries.
    • Confetti Cake: This hybrid strain stays true to its name. It will put you in a celebratory mood. Confetti Cake has a sweet cake-like flavor with hints of vanilla, and lavender.

    Will Using Medusa Delta 8 Devices Get My High?

    Yes, delta 8 is a psychotropic cannabinoid. It has many of the same effects associated with delta 9 THC. The only difference is that it is much milder. It can induce a euphoric, and deeply relaxing feeling. With that said, we do not recommend driving a car or operating any heavy machinery after using our Delta 8 devices. 

    Is Delta 8 Safe?

    While not evaluated by the FDA, delta 8 is regarded as safe. While there are still ongoing scientific studies to improve our understanding of this cannabinoid, researchers have found that it interacts with the endocannabinoid system (ECS) in the body. The ECS is responsible for regulating many bodily functions. This explains why delta 8 has been reported to bring about pain relief and help people suffering from sleep disorders.

    While there are potential medical applications of delta 8, we do not recommend using our products as a replacement for over-the-counter medicine. If you’re taking any medication or you have a medical condition, we recommend that you consult with a medical expert before using our Delta 8 devices or any of our products. 

    Is Delta 8 Legal?

    Yes, since our Delta 8 devices are made with extracts derived from hemp plants, and contain less than 0.3% delta 9 THC, it is legal under the 2018 Farm Bill. This is one of the reasons we make third-party lab test results publicly available for this product and all our other products.

    How Long Does Medusa Delta 8 Disposable Vaporizer Last?

    Several factors determine how long our Delta 8 disposable vaporizers last, including the intensity and length of each puff as well as how frequently you vape. Ultimately, you should be able to get a few hundred puffs from this device before you’ll need to throw it out. 

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    Last forever

    I will definitely buy more of these. Nothing feels better than a Friday after a long day, breaking open a new 2GM cart...