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Lit Culture Kratom Extract Shot 15ml - Butterscotch

Lit Culture Kratom Extract Shot 15ml - Butterscotch

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    Discover the incredible potential of Lit Culture's Butterscotch Kratom Extract Shot 15ml. Captivating the senses with a rich butterscotch taste, this shot contains a potent, broad spectrum extract sourced from mature red vein kratom plants. Elevate your experience with the most refined and powerful extract from Lit Culture, designed to take you to new heights of enjoyment and satisfaction!

    Indulge in the rich, smooth flavor of Lit Culture Kratom Extract Shot Butterscotch (15mL). Made with the most mature leaves, this extract shot is exceptionally potent and flavorful. Whether you mix it with a vanilla milkshake or enjoy it on its own, your taste buds will thank you for the sensory experience. Say goodbye to the harsh taste of kratom and savor the deliciousness of this Butterscotch extract shot.

    Can I use Lit Culture Butterscotch Kratom Extract Shot Legally?

    Kratom laws differ from state to state, and sometimes even township to township. If a person is considering purchasing kratom for therapeutic purposes, such as pain relief, they should investigate the kratom regulations in their area.

    Lit Culture Kratom Extract Shot Butterscotch 15ml, consumers of legal age and residing in states where the product is allowed can easily purchase and enjoy kratom. Take advantage of the best deals on this Lit Culture Kratom Extract Shot Butterscotch 15ml at Smokegem online shop and receive fast shipping to the United States, Florida. Don't miss out on this premium product that will sure satisfy your senses and invigorate your mind and body!

    Key Features

    • 100% organically grown and harvested with care by native farmers who specialize in Kratom production
    • Has the added flavor of Butterscotch for a boost in taste
    • An incredible flavor that only enhances your Kratom experience
    • All-natural herbal supplement that doesn’t use any added chemicals or foreign ingredients

    Ingredients: Purified water, propylene glycol, Natural Flavor, Mitragyna Speciosa Leaf Extract and Citric Acid

    **These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.**

    Read entire label before use. 

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