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HAPPI THC-M Disposable Vape Device I 3G

HAPPI THC-M Disposable Vape Device I 3G

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  • Description
  • Happi THC-M | THC-P | THC-H Premium Disposable Vape Device I 3g

    The Happi THC-M Disposable is the newest product to enter the rapidly expanding Happi collection! It is a disposable vape pen made to provide consumers with the most flavorful and smoothest smoke possible. The disposable pen contains 3 grams of naturally-derived strain-specific terpenes combined with THC-M, THC-P, and THC-H distillate. Terpenes and the distillate blend work together to provide smokers an experience like no other.

    The Happi THCM Disposable is made using the most cutting-edge technology to prevent several flaws. This eliminates the possibility of the pen clogging, leaking, or having bad batteries.

    There are 5 different strains available such as Forbidden Fruit for the Happi THC-M Disposable- with indica, sativa, and hybrid options. Whether you want a euphoric and relaxing effect or a more energizing and uplifting high, each strain has been carefully chosen to guarantee that it offers the ideal smoking experience.

    Will THC-H Cause Me To Fail A Drug Test?

    Although THC-H is a hemp-derived cannabinoid entirely different from Delta 9 THC, it will likely cause you to fail a drug test. We suggest that if a user needs to be clean for a drug test, abstain from cannabinoids, even hemp-derived ones.

    There are a few reasons for this, one being that we know for a fact Delta 8 THC will cause you to fail a drug test, and most products on the market will have residual Delta 8 due to the way they are extracted.

    Second, even though hemp-derived cannabinoids are federally legal in most states, many drug tests will not test specifically for these alternative cannabinoids. All cannabinoids, even full-spectrum CBD, will pop as THC on a standardized drug test.

    Available flavors & strains:

    • Area 51 - Hybrid
    • Alaska Thunder Fuck - Sativa
    • Bonkers - Hybrid
    • Forbidden Fruit - Indica
    • Ghost OG - Hybrid

    Product Features

    • Compliant with the 2018 Farm Bill
    • Infused with THCM, THCP, and THCH
    • Naturally-derived terpenes
    • Innovative technology
    • Pre-charged and rechargeable
    • Third-party lab tested
    • Made in the USA with 100% Organic Industrial Hemp

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