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Ghost THCP + Delta 9 Reaper Gummies I 200MG

Ghost THCP + Delta 9 Reaper Gummies I 200MG

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  • Ghost THCP + Delta 9 Reaper Gummies 200mg

    Ghost THCP + Delta 9 Reaper Gummies 200mg is the highly anticipated new gummy line from Ghost Hemp! Aside from their Spirit Blend Gummies and disposables, they haven’t dropped much lately, so Great CBD Shop was excited to scoop these up!

    While most of Ghost’s gummy lines recently have heavily focused on intense and mouth-watering flavors, these gummies focus on potency; one might say they are scary potent! Reaper Gummies utilize some of the industry’s favorite cannabinoids, promising users hard-hitting, long-lasting effects and delicious flavor profiles. We have not seen a gummy as potent mg for mg aside from Pushin P’s pure THCP gummies.

    Ghost Reaper Gummies come in a 20ct resealable bag. Each bag contains 20 fresh and juicy gummies. Every gummy holds a high-potency blend of 5mg Delta 9 THC and 5mg Delta 9 THCP, with labs to back it! Many users get confused between Delta 8 THCP and Delta 9 THCP, the latter option being the most potent cannabinoid on the market and 33 times stronger than Delta 9.

    Only recently have companies been creating high-potency Delta 9 THCP products, and Great CBD Shop is as pumped as our hemp-loving friends! These gummies were curated for veteran THC users. Delta 9 THC hits users first with mood enhancement, relaxation, and typical edible vibes. THCP slowly creeps up on users next, extending the effects out and adding euphoria and an even more intense body buzz.

    As mentioned, Ghost has ensured these gummies are potent, juicy, and delicious! They have launched the Reaper Gummies line in five unique and tasty flavors. We’ll List them below.

    Flavor Profiles:

    • Potion Punch
    • Gremlin Gummy
    • Scary Strawberries
    • Cherry Berry Cemetery
    • Grape Ghoul

    Product Features:

    • Available In A 20ct Bag (200mg Active Ingredients)
    • Blend Of Delta 9 THC And Delta 9 THCP (5mg D9 + 5mg D9 THCP Per Gummy)
    • High-Potency Gummy For Veteran THC Users
    • Five Unique And Tasty Flavor Profiles
    • Lab Tested For Quality, Potency, And Safety

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