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Delta Munchies Delta 9 THC Froot Jam Gummies | 1000mg

Delta Munchies Delta 9 THC Froot Jam Gummies | 1000mg

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    Get ready to embark on a flavor adventure like no other with Delta Munchies D9 Froot Jam Gummies! Made with real fruit puree, these gummies burst with the authentic taste of nature’s bounty, ensuring a mouthwatering experience with every bite.

    But these gummies are more than just a tasty treat – they’re a ticket to relaxation paradise. Infused with full spectrum cannabinoids, each gummy offers a potent dose of Delta-9 THC, allowing you to unwind and melt away stress with ease. Whether you’re winding down after a hectic day or simply looking to add some sweetness to your routine, Delta Munchies D9 Froot Jam Gummies are here to satisfy your cravings and soothe your soul.

    With a hefty 1000mg per box, you’ll have more than enough to keep the good vibes flowing. Each gummy is packed with 100g of pure bliss, ensuring a truly elevated experience. Say goodbye to stress and hello to bliss with this full spectrum cannabinoid-infused gummies.

    Delta Munchies D9 Froot Jam Gummy Flavors

    • Appleberry Nectar: Take a bite and let the juicy blend of crisp apples and sweet berries dance on your taste buds.
    • Strawberry Dream: Close your eyes and savor the essence of freshly picked strawberries, ripe and bursting with flavor.
    • Tropical Passion: Transport yourself to a sun-kissed paradise with a symphony of tropical fruit flavors that will leave you craving more.

    Additional Product Information

    • 10 Gummies Per Pack
    • 100mg per gummy for a potent experience
    • 1000mg cannabinoid blend per box
    • Each gummy contains a blend of 15mg Delta-9 + 25mg CBD/CBN/CBG / 60mg HHC
    • 100% Vegan & Non-GMO
    • Made with real fruit puree for authentic flavor
    • 2018 Farm Bill Compliant Containing Less Than .3% Delta-9

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