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D9 GMY Delta-9 THC Gummies | Hybrid

D9 GMY Delta-9 THC Gummies | Hybrid

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  • Description
  • A Gift From Nature D9 GMY DELTA 9 GUMMIES – 810MG (15mg per gummy)

    The best of both worlds. We combined our favorite Indica and Sativa delta-9 THC gummy strains, creating an epic Hybrid journey. Experience both mind and body effects that produce a balance serenity. Packed with 15mg Full spectrum delta-9 and mouthwatering flavor combinations, our HYBRID GMY will be sure to satisfy.

    Buy Delta 9 gummies online here! Our 15mg Delta-9 gummies are packaged in a 30ct jar, for the avid lover of our gummies who dose regularly. These great flavors deliver potent, irreplaceable, uplifting, and euphoric feelings with a calming body sensation.


    • 30 Gummy's per Jar -  Total 450mg Delta 9 (15mg per gummy.) Total 360 mg Full Spectrum Cannabinoid (12mg per gummy.)
    • Total of 27mg per gummy of delta-9 THC and FULL Spectrum cannabinoids  
    • Total of 810mg per jar of THC Delta9 and Full Spectrum Cannabinoids
    • TERPENES ADDED FOR EACH Sativa and Indica LABELED product.


    • Orange Raspberry - Hybrid - Orange Utang (Sativa) X Razzle Dazzle (Indica)
    • Cherry  Cola - Hybrid - Tropicana Cherry (Sativa) X Cola Haze (Indica)
    • Mango Strawberry - Hybrid - Magic Mango (Sativa) X Strawberry Breeze (Indica)
    • Watermelon Lime - Hybrid - Watermelon Gelato (Sativa) X Lime Squeeze (Indica)
    • Grape Apple - Hybrid - Grape Escape (Sativa) X Big Apple (Indica)
    • Blueberry Pineapple - Hybrid - True Blue (Sativa) X Pineapple OG (Indica)

    *These gummies are prone to melting.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Michael De Santis
Great Product

We really like the product. This was our second order.

Cassi Brown
First time with this company!

Loved the gummies. I take half during the week, a whole one on weekends. Potent and relaxing. Tastes pretty good as well!

Tracie Dixon

I havent recieved all of my things

chuck andres

I think they work pretty damn good. i think they make me a little frisky

Midwest man
Consistent buzz at a great price

We don't smoke or vape so gummies are our only choice when indulging and these gummies deliver every time. They are our go to edible every time we order.