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Cali Reserve 3.5G Pre-Heat Disposable Vape

Cali Reserve 3.5G Pre-Heat Disposable Vape

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  • Buy Cali Reserve Pre-Heat Disposable Vape Pen 3.5g

    Discover the perfect combination of taste and performance with Cali Reserve's 3.5 gram disposable vape. Say goodbye to clogging issues with its revolutionary pre-heat feature and choose from 5 unique terpene profiles crafted by Cali Extrax. Experience the full effects of delta-9 THC + PHC + THC-P + THC-JD + Delta-8 Live Resin, carefully blended for an unmatched psychoactive journey. Made using 100% USA-grown hemp, these disposables are legally compliant with the 2018 Farm Bill Act.

    Shop Cali Reserve Pre-Heat Disposable Vape 3.5G at Best Price

    Experience the next level of vaping with Cali Reserve Pre-Heat Disposable Vapes! Featuring a potent combination of 5 cannabinoids and 3.5 grams of product per disposable, these devices are unlike any other on the market. Say goodbye to clunky disposables and hello to a sleek, user-friendly design. This new and improved device even comes with a USB-C rechargeable battery, ensuring you never waste a single drop. Don't wait any longer - purchase your Cali Reserve Pre-Heat Disposable 3.5G today from Smokegem Online Shop at the lowest price!

    Cali Reserve Pre-Heat Disposable Flavors

    • Blue Diesel (Hybrid)
    • Candyland (Sativa)
    • Lime Sorbet (Indica)
    • Orange Bud (Hybrid)
    • Red Haze (Sativa)

    Additional Product Information

    • Pre Heat Function Battery Great For Preventing Clogging
    • Live Resin Terpenes For Maximum Flavor and Entourage Effect
    • Proprietary Blend Of delta-9 thc + PHC + THC-P + THC-JD + Delta-8 Live Resin
    • Made From USA Grown Hemp
    • 2018 Farm Bill Compliant Containing Less Than .3% Delta-9 THC

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