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Nectar Collectors

You must have heard stories about an awesome nectar collector with an in-line water filtration system and boasts an awesome look. Well, there are high chances that SMOKEGEM has delivered that nectar collector. We work with the crème de la crème of collector designers and innovators to bring the most impressive and high-tech vaping gear to you.

Our stock of nectar collectors is something very unique and out of the box. They are aesthetically powerful while giving you complete control over the dab.

Foldable Nectar Collectors
How about a nectar collector whose tip can be twisted to some extent and allow better reach to the concentrate? No, don’t worry; our stuff won’t break that easily. Rather, we have a stockpile of nectar collectors that can leave even the best hand pipes behind.

Small, but packs a punch
Well, you might wonder why such small equipment costs a fortune. The reason is the titanium tip. Yeah! Nectar Collectors have a titanium tip that you can heat and then immerse in the concentrate to inhale the smoke. Interesting, right?

The Nectar Collectors are indeed a good starting point, especially for those who have never hit a dab before (major missing). But that does not mean you should not have one. And we are always here to help you figure it out. So, have a look at the SMOKEGEM stock of nectar collectors, to begin with.
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