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Half Bak'd SUMO THC Gummies I 10500MG

Half Bak'd SUMO THC Gummies I 10500MG

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  • Half Bak'd SUMO THC Gummies I 10500MG

    Half Bak’d Sumo Blend Gummies 10000mg uses the same high-potency blend of cannabinoids from their beloved 3g disposable! Their company name is Half Bak’d, but they sure didn’t half-ass any of their products! The research team at Half Bak’d have spent months experimenting with cannabinoids to provide an all-in-one blend. Here at Great CBD Shop, we think they have accomplished that goal.

    Sumo Blend gummies blend THCa, THCP, Delta 8 THC, and terpenes. Not only are these gummies high-potency, but they are the best bang for a user’s buck as well! Every jar contains 25 tasty gummies in total. Each gummy contains a whopping 420mg of this cannabinoid blend. That’s a total of 10000mg of active ingredients per bottle!

    The concept behind this blend is that the THCa and Delta 8 THC will hit users first with their classic heady euphoria and mood enhancement. THCP creeps in over time, washing the user’s entire body in the sense of deep relaxation that extends the effects. This sense of deep relaxation THCP brings is even more intense in this edible form.

    Due to the high potency of these gummies, it is suggested users start with half of a piece, wait 30-60 minutes for the full range of effects to kick in and assess tolerance from there.

    These gummies are launching in three delicious and unique flavor profiles, which we’ll list below!

    Flavor Profiles:

    • Yuzu Citrus - Just one bite and you’ll be ready to take on the world! Our yuzu citrus flavor is both zesty and sweet, perfect for any adult 21 and over looking to explore how cannabis edibles can put a little zing into life.
    • Forbidden Punch - These delicious soft and chewy gummies provide an intense high that will leave you feeling satisfied and relaxed. Enjoy a vitalizing euphoric experience with these potent edibles.
    • Bluematic Razz - Perfectly crafted to exceed all limits, these delicious treats will boost your energy and awaken the spirit within. 
    • wild watermelon
    • monster mango

    Product Features:

    • 25ct Resealable Jar (10,000+mg Active Ingredients)
    • 420mg Per gummy
    • Blend Of THCa, THCP, And Delta 8 THC
    • 3 Unique Flavor Profiles
    • Lab Tested For Potency, Quality, And Safety

    Recommended use: 1/4 or 1/2 gummy to start off and you can work your way up.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Michael Connolly
5 star

I suffer from several surgeries. I take 1 at night helps dull the pain n a good night's sleep

Vickie Thomas

They have a great taste, only need a piece of one of these to relax. A whole one @ a time is a waste.

Carlos Val
Amazing gummies

Great buzz, I just take a half and I'm good to go. Wife loves them too.

Louis Deal

Helps to relax and helps with sleep

Jerrold Berkowitz
Powerful Relief

My wife's arthritic pain is greatly helped by these blends, and her mood is helped by them as well. S-Gem always has fine products and no hassle fast shipping.