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Space Walker Power Blend Gummies 600mg Jar

Space Walker Power Blend Gummies 600mg Jar

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  • Description
  • Space Walker Power Blend Gummies | 600mg

    Power Blend and/or Knockout Blend hemp products have recently become all the rage and for good reasons! The potency on these products seems to check all the boxes for all users. These products use triple cannabinoid blends to give the ultimate potency feeling. The Space Walker Power blend gummies have set themselves apart from the competition by bringing its consumers a new set of flavors that have not yet been seen before. These Power Blend gummies feature a hemp extract infused blend of Delta-8 THC, THC-O, and THC-P. Each gummy contains 30mg of the triple blend and 20 gummies per jar. This makes for a total of 600mg of active cannabinoids per jar. If potency and flavor is what you are looking for, then look no further than these Power Blend gummies by Space Walker. We recommend starting with 1 gummy and waiting 40 minutes to an hour before consuming anymore.

    Space Walker Power Blend Gummy Product Info:

    • 20 Gummies Per Jar
    • 30mg Triple Blend Per Gummy
    • Potent Triple Cannabinoid Formula
    • Each Gummy Contains Delta-8 + THC-O + THC-P
    • Made From USA Hemp Derived Extract
    • Third Party Lab Tested
    • 600mg Total Cannabinoids Per Jar

    Space Walker Power Blend Gummy Strains

    • Blue Razz – Think of sweet raspberries and blueberries combined to make the perfect blend.
    • Blackberry Lemonade – This one cannot be skipped, the perfect citrus drink flavor with a hint of blackberry. Perfect for those hot summer days!
    • Cinnamon Toast – Reminisce to your childhood memories at the kitchen table for breakfast! This one is perfectly balanced for the sweet crunchy cinnamon breakfast cereal.
    • Rainbow Fizz – Can someone say taste the rainbow? This is that perfect flavor of rainbow drops candy.
    • Sour Apple Kiwi – Apple and kiwi makes for a perfect blend because the fruits blend each other out to be not to sweet and not to tart. Add a hint of sour and you have the best balance.
    • Tangerine Dream – This one if for tangerine lovers alike!
    • Strawmelon – Recently strawberry and melon mix flavors have become the all the rage! We say give this one a shot!
    • Tropical Mix – The perfect hot beach day drink with an umbrella sticking out of the top!

        Customer Reviews

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        Deb Moritz
        Very helpful

        These things have helped me sleep, relieved arthritis pain in my hip and shoulder and have done their part to slow racing thoughts.