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Smak'd Exotic Blend Gummies I 500mg

Smak'd Exotic Blend Gummies I 500mg

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  • Description
  • Smak'd Exotic Blend Infused Gummies I 500mg

    One of the most potent gummies in the market.

    We offer Smak'd Exotic Blend Gummies 500mg at a best price. Buy Smak'd Exotic Blend Gummies 500mg at SmokeGem Shop.


    • Blend of Delta 8 THC, CBN Extract
    • 2 gummies per pack
    • 250 MG each (Total 500mg)
    • Available in 3 flavors

    Available Flavors:

    • Berry Blast (Blueberry, Raspberry & Strawberry)
    • Malibu Sunset (Orange, Pineapple & Coconut)
    • Unicorn Smoothie (Strawberry Banana)

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews

I’ve never Vee been disappointed with this brand of gummies, I definitely ate two and slept all day, but now one is enough and it puts you on the floor, but in a good way. I have the 500mg fruit punch exotic blend! But I’ve tried the others as well and they’re still potent too. Highly recommend.

Name isn’t a lie

SMAK’D is a good name for this company because this edible came at me with fists flying. I ate 125 mg worth and was literally convinced I went to Hell. It altered the structure of my thoughts. If you told me I was on acid I would believe you. Nothing prepared me for this high. I thought I was going to have a seizure. Dear God. Damn thing packs a serious punch

Brianna McCrae
It was a pleasant ride

For someone who is experienced and looking for a knockout kinda time it is great! Beginners try taking small parts first

Smakd out of orbit.

Ate a 250mg. Tasted like a goat petting zoo farted in my mouth. Passed out before it kicked in. Woke up at 2am and thought life wasn't real. This will mess you up so be careful. That being said, not bad but it'll be a long time before I take another. Wanted to go to the moon, instead got blasted past Pluto.This isn't an exaggeration, that was my exact experience.

Darcy Robinson

Amazing gummies!!! Love them and I will be purchasing more.