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BAM Delta 10 THC Vape Cartridges I 1ML

BAM Delta 10 THC Vape Cartridges I 1ML

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  • BAM Delta 10 THC Vape Cartridges I 1ML

    BAM vape cartridges are responsibly formulated using only two ingredients, 100% all-natural premium cannabis oils and STRAIN SPECIFIC terpenes. We will never cut or dilute our cartridges.

    Please Note: We use high quality Cartology cartridges with ceramic wick atomizers that absorb oil after filling. Although some cartridges may appear to be under-filled, it is really just the priming of the wick.


    Delta-10 is a cannabinoid derived from hemp.
    Delta-10 is noted for promoting flow states, creativity, euphoria, & focus.
    Our Delta-10 oils are produced from hemp, legally and responsibly by PhD chemists.

    Available Flavors:

    • Ghost Train Haze - Sativa
    • Banana OG - Indica
    • King Louis - Indica
    • SFV OG - Sativa
    • London Pound Cake - Indica
    • Runtz - Sativa
    • Cherry Pie - Hybrid
    • Granddaddy Purp - Indica
    • Super Diesel - Sativa
    • GG4 - Hybrid


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