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420 Delta 8 THC & Delta 10 THC Combo Cartridge with Battery Kit

420 Delta 8 THC & Delta 10 THC Combo Cartridge with Battery Kit

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  • Description
  • 420 Premium Delta 8 & Delta 10 THC Cartridge Kit By No Couch Lock

    420 is defining a new era of rich flavor and premium taste by introducing the first all-glass, no-cotton cartridge.

    The only cartridge with a 100% ALL GLASS ZERO METAL mouthpiece, along with a 100% CERAMIC ZERO COTTON heating core which will never give you a burnt taste.


    • Full Strength Hemp Extract
    • 350 mAh Variable Voltage 510 Thread Battery
    • USB Charger/Surge Protector
    • 1.0 ml All Glass Cartridge
    • Lab tested for purity and accuracy

    Available in 4 HYBRID Strains:

    • Strawana: Soothing & Uplifting
    • Berry Gelato: Soothing & Uplifting
    • Zkittles: Soothing & Uplifting
    • OG Kush: Soothing & Uplifting

     Included in the 420 vape kit:

    • Vape Battery
    • Vape Battery Charger USB Piece
    • Your Selected 1 Gram Vape

    420 Delta 8 & Delta 10 THC Cartridge Kit comes with a premium grade 420 1-gram vape cart and rechargeable/reusable vape battery in a nice cushioned case.

    420 Delta 8 & Delta 10 THC is crafted from the finest and best hemp farms in America.

    After the extraction process, the oil is purified by multiple distillations to achieve its premium, rich flavor, taste as well as physical appearance. We then reintroduce the oil with the purest terpenes provided by our partner True Terpenes to give it the best, purest, premium taste and aroma you will find anywhere in the world.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Donna Cowan
Pleased but, not pleased.

The battery needed charging upon arrival, I did so, Instructions are on the back of the very nicely packaged unit. After charging, I added the cart as I was eager to give this one a try! The battery + cart together did not work. Hmm. I thought about that, swapped the cart of another battery out, worked fine. The 420 cart, which is nice, BTW, worked on my original battery. I sent pics over to show show was happening, Immediate responses but, I had a lot going on. Very rural, do not get out much, yada. I decided to see IF I could extract any of the 420 to another empty cart. I had some success, enough to try the combo Cart. It Is good stuff! I will shoot a pic over of how much I was able to extract to show fulfillment. These suppliers are easy to work with, perhaps they will take note of the little I was able to use of the cart. Maybe not. HA! Good stuff, had problems, still able to use the battery with other carts. Not a bad product review, mine was messed up, doesn't mean they all will be.

Zachary Buquet

More coupons please

Dakota Tingen
Good stuff

Stuff is fire I recommend berry gelato if you wanna relax without going to sleep

James Patrick
Great deal

This is a great deal, A battery, a charger, and a cartridge for $14.99??? Now that is a deal. Thanks "Smoke Gem. BC

Rosalie Rivera