Water Pipes & Bongs

Tube-Style, Beaker Style, Bubbler, Round Base, Percolator, and Gravity Style, which type of bong do you desire? Because SMOKEGEM has got you covered from all the corners and you can’t leave here without blessing yourself with an awesome bong.

Bongs Differ in Shapes
The best thing about bongs is that they come in all shapes and sizes. As long as the hit is reaching your mouth, you can buy a bong of any shape that you like. To be honest, some water pipes that you will find on our list is like a piece of art. You would like to buy them for their artistic value rather than for vaping.

Water Pipes Give a Filtered Hit
We know that sometimes, the pure form of hit can be a bit jarring. However, bongs and water pipes reduce the hit’s harshness and its tacky tone by diffusing the smoke with water. You can use either hot water or cold water for the filtration process. Where cold water is standard, adding hot water gives a better taste, the choice is yours.

The water pipes and bongs listed with SMOKEGEM come from some of the best houses in the country. They are made with durable glass and enhance the potency of the hit. Pro tip: If you want to have an even better hit and tone, try adding ice instead of water. Thank us later.
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