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Truth be told, the recyclers glass bongs are more fun to watch than they are to smoke. With the astute itinerary of SMOKEGEM recyclers, you are looking at something very unique and amazingly refreshing. Well, not that the power of the hit is any lesser, if anything, you will be getting a more refined and better-tasting hit.

Recycles the Water
Recyclers are named so because they use the same water present in the beaker after supplying the smoke to the mouthpiece. You must believe us when we say that recyclers are effectuating a relatively smooth hit. With double water filtration, everything gets better and more potent.

Becoming a Cult-Favorite
We know this because we have been a part of the vaping community for quite some time now. With time, the recycler bongs are being demanded more because of their many benefits.

To name a few, water won’t splash on your mouth while inhaling; the vapor won’t come in contact with the air. All of this enhances the flavor and brings a smile on your face. Wait, you are smiling by the thought of it, aren’t you?

Join hands with SMOKEGEM if you wish to be on the top of your game with vaping. The next time you have someone over and show them our recycler bong, you will be their favorite person in the world. Wanna bet?
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