Hand pipes

Thinking about stepping up your vaping game? How about browsing through the exclusive hand pipes collection with SMOKEGEM. Checking out our selection of stylish and impressive spoon pipes will be one of the best things that you will do today.

Hand pipes may be old school, but no other type of glass pipes can match their efficacy of smoking fresh herbs and that too in style. The best part is that they are easy to clean and maintain.

No-Fuss Smoking Experience
With our extensive and unparalleled collection of hand pipes designed and manufactured by some of the best brands in the vaping world, you are looking at a clean hit. It is no wonder that the vaping community loves hand pipes.

Hit it High with a Carburetor
The best thing about hand pipes is that the carburetor allows the hit to build up inside the bowl. For the best experience, cover the carb hole with your finger while getting air into the bowl, and once you release the finger from the whole, the entire punch of smoke is inhaled. This ensures that the smoke remains fresh and brimming with the ultimate freshness of the herb.

If you are still thinking about whether to get a hand pipe or not, just take a look at the SMOKEGEM inventory. We are certain that you will end up buying more than hand pipes as we only offer what’s best that too at competitive rates. Don’t worry, we have got you covered.
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