Being an integral part of the smoking world, the glass pipes are non-reactant; they also boast an enhanced utility and eloquent artistry. You can buy 7 different types of glass pipes from SMOKEGEM, where each one of them has a unique set of properties.

We only associate with those brands ruling at the top of the food chain. Our products are the epitome of perfection, style, swag, and usability....

Types of Dry Glass Pipes:

Chillums: The extent of Chillum designs and shapes available on our website will keep on your feet. The smoke intensity of a chillum is directly proportional to the tube’s size.

Hand Pipes: Also called spoon pipes, the hand pipes are fitted with a carburetor that increases the hit’s efficacy and intensity. Want some nostalgia?

Types of Water Glass Pipes:

Water Pipes & Bongs: Bongs are great at giving a smooth and cooler smoking experience. Since the dry herbs diffuse with water, it filters the smoke giving out a heightened taste and flavor.

Bubblers: A hybrid of bongs and glass pipe, bubblers also hold water, which diffuses with smoke to create bubbles. They attenuate the harshness of the material used.

Dab Rigs: Besides the water filtration system, Dab Rigs boasts a few additional features to increase the material’s (cannabis or hemp) potency.

Recyclers: For a superior smoke experience, than bongs buy a Recycler from our website. We bring you the best in class recyclers that have an even higher strength of water filtration capabilities.

Nectar Collectors: We offer titanium and quartz tip nectar collectors to vaporize the concentrate of cannabis.

Unlike anywhere, the products you see at SMOKEGEM are better, improvised, authentic, and straight out of the box. Our products are best fit for all types of smoking experience that won’t punch a big hole in your pocket, check out the products listed below.

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