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Dab rigs

Don’t want to limit your smoking experience to herbs? No worries let us help you explore the beautiful world of vaping concentrates, natural oils, and other extracts. SMOKEGEM proudly presents its el-magnifico inventory of dab rigs, especially by the best manufacturers, only because we want you to have the best experience.

We know what you are thinking. Aren’t dab rigs like a bit difficult to use? Honestly, no! Provided the hit strength and the range of stuff you can vape with it, dab rigs are really classy and highly effective.

Better Concentration
Dabbing means that the stuff you are smoking will be supplied with heat through the nail. Since it is a concentrate, nothing will be wasted. You will get a hit that will be worth every dime you have spent on it.

Artistic and Effective
Since we both love to dab, how about we help you choose the best rigs possible? Well, if you would believe us, our choice of dab rigs isn’t like anything you have seen before. We have a great taste in art while ensuring that you have a rig that expedites the dabbing experience and the concentrate’s efficacy. But, you have got to trust us, do you?

Awesome, then check out the list of dab rigs available on our website, SMOKEGEM. Since you are already here, explore around and find the best possible rig that appeals to your eye. Rest assured that all of them will give an enhancing experience at affordable costs.
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