Even though bubblers are a type of bongs and water pipes, these cuties deserve a special mention. At SMOKEGEM, we are proud of our bubbler’s collection and would love for you to check it out. Bubblers are a mix of hand pipes and bongs. Here too, the designing and aesthetics of the bubblers are another one of their unique aspects.

Glass Bubblers are Better
Due to its higher degree of resistance to heat, the glass bubblers are better suited to contemporary vapers and smokers. That is added to the fact that glass made vapes of any type are good at enhancing the taste.

Modern and Classy
Minimalism is the key attribute of going into the modern era. With everything getting small but increasing in efficiency, these bubblers are a perfect fit for those who want to enjoy a great smoking experience without losing the benefits of water filtration and diffusion.

Tell us, do you want a Sherlock, a pendant, or even a concentrate? Well, we have got just the thing for you. And not only these, but you can also find pendant, sidecar, or even a hammer style bubbler on our website. SMOKEGEM offers a wide gamut of bubblers, perfect for every occasion, check it out now.
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