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Looking for a new bong? Good for you! Since you have decided to step up your vaping and smoking game, SMOKEGEM has the perfect thing for you. No, we won’t sell you the usual stuff that can be bought at any vape shop. Our bongs are out of this world in every sense, performance, taste enhancement, affordability, and aesthetics.

Perfect Product, Right Value
We thrive on our customer’s vaping experience. This keeps us going and fuels our passion for bringing you the top of the range bongs at an unmatched price. Don’t believe us? Well, the product listing is right just around the corner, check it out.

Better Percolation
The fact that many of our bongs can be fitted with glass or quartz-based accessories, you can easily customize the vaping experience. But, since this kind of customization is best left to the pros, if you are a beginner, switching to a silicone bong will provide a better quality of smoke due to better diffusion.

Silicone is great guys, period. It is durable, foldable, easy to carry, and affordable. It can’t get any better than this. The best part is that at SMOKEGEM, you will get the perfect product for yourself. We might not know you, but we know how to help you get an ecstatic smoking experience. So, trust us and start shopping today.
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